Santa is spreading a little Holiday CHEER
about 1 month ago, Laura Molitoris
6th graders in FACS spent today making Crunchy Munchy Goop to learn the importance of accurate measurement in recipes. #MaroonPride
4 months ago, Katie Voegel
FACS students cooking in the kitchen
Starting next week, August 24, Clinton CUSD #15 will provide junior high students transportation after school to the YMCA. This will not be a structured YMCA program, but rather a safe place for students to be active and socialize. This option is free for those junior high students who have an active youth or family membership. In partnership with our Y, The Vault will also offer an after-school option every Monday and Tuesday, starting September 8th. Those students wishing to be at The Vault must fill out a registration form from The Vault. Clinton Junior High School administration has asked our YMCA to develop a list of students who would be interested in this option so they can better plan a bus route to accommodate dropping off at our Y. We will put the student's name on a list and provide to CJHS so they can better plan for transportation needs. Please call the YMCA at 935-8307 to put your child’s name on the list. You may also visit the link 👇🏻 for more info:
5 months ago, Laura Molitoris
If you have not already registered your student, please register them by Monday, August 17th for in-person or remote learning. Thank you.
5 months ago, Laura Molitoris
Student Registration
Reminder...Online School Registration will begin July 22
6 months ago, Laura Molitoris
Mrs. Whisker's 2nd semester FACS students just learned about using a sewing machine! Check out the Ugliest Apron Winners! #MaroonPride #FACSFun
11 months ago, Katie Voegel
Winner: Paine D
Winner: Austin F
Winner: Jade R
Junior High Girls Basketball banquet at the Illinois Girls game. Great idea and pizza later. Great way to end the year. #MaroonPride
about 1 year ago, Matt Koeppel
Girls Basketball at the Illinois Game!
Mrs. Hubrich's class made a gingerbread village during their class time this week! Look at all those great houses! #MaroonPride #CJHSMaroons
about 1 year ago, Katie Voegel
Gingerbread Houses!
Final Houses!
Gingerbread Houses
Mrs. Whisker's FACS classes competed in both cookie contest and Cake Decorating contest. She says, "First off, I would like to thank you all for your support of the FACS Program here at CJHS. I have the results of both the Cookie Contest and the Cake Decorating Contest." Oatmeal and walnut chocolate chip cookies were tied for first place in the cookie contest. 3rd place was the peanut butter and 4th was the cinnamon. The cakes are labeled with who won in each hour as well as best overall! Thanks to all the CJHS Students who participated! #MaroonPride #CJHSFACS
about 1 year ago, Katie Voegel
2nd Hour and Best Overall = the Reindeer cake
3rd Hour = the Football/Goal Post cake
4th Hour = the Michael Jordan Basketball cake
6th Hour = the Tom and Jerry cake
Congratulations to MaKayla Koeppel on her selection to the All -State Junior High Classic. She will be representing Clinton Junior High School participating in the game on December 22nd at Lincoln College in Lincoln, IL. Way to go MaKayla! #MaroonPride #CJHSMaroons
about 1 year ago, Katie Voegel
All Star Junior Classic
80'S Day at CJHS for Homecoming today!! Check out all that school spirit! #MaroonPride #CJHSRocks
over 1 year ago, Katie Voegel
Teacher's rocking their 80's attire!
CJHS rocks!
Ugly Apron Contest! Mrs. Whisker's FACS classes learned about how to use a sewing machine by creating their first project, an Apron! CJHS students stopped in to vote for their favorite ugly apron. Congratulations winners! #MaroonPride #CJHSCreates
over 1 year ago, Katie Voegel
6th hour: Delaney
2nd hour: Katie
3rd hour: Kylie
4th hour: Xavier
We're so proud of our 8th grade softball players! Good Luck at IESA Regionals! #MaroonPride
over 1 year ago, Katie Voegel
8th Grade Softball Ladies
Been looking for #MaroonPride stickers? I just picked up 150 of them! We will be selling them for $5 in the office, or at upcoming athletic events! Show your spirit and let's take some pride in our school! #MaroonPride #GoMaroons
over 1 year ago, Mr. Maxwell