The purpose of this document is to detail the ways the junior high will meet the needs of its students and staff; while also meeting the requirements of the district plan. Please make sure you have read the district plan first.

Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy environment. We acknowledge this is going to cause us to have to change the way we do many things around the building during this time.

We also acknowledge this document does not include every scenario that may arise during the school year. We anticipate this document will undergo changes throughout the month of August and into the school year. As the situation is constantly changing, so too, our plans must change.

In-Person Instruction and Building Logistics


  • In person instruction will take place from 8:25 - 1:30

  • Classes will be organized in a block schedule with alternating Maroon days and Gold days throughout the semester. Color coded schedules will be in several locations throughout the building, will be emailed to families, and will also be available on the school’s website. An example of the schedule is below.


3rd lunch


Lunch 1




1st Lunch











Lunch 2



2nd lunch












Lunch 3


3rd lunch







55 minute classes

Advisory time will be non-graded time, focusing on things like social emotional learning, PBIS lessons, check in circles, current events, etc. Each advisory teacher will have the ability to gear the focus of that time to the needs of their class.


  • Students will be allowed to enter the building at 7:50, which is the same as years past.

    • Bus riders will enter and exit the building through the gym doors. Bus riders will not have their temperature checked upon entrance to the building because their temperature will already be checked on the bus before arriving at school.

    • Car riders will be dropped off in front of the building and these students will enter and exit the building through the front doors. Walkers will also enter and exit the building through the front doors. Students entering the building through the front doors will have their temperatures checked upon entering the building.

      • If a temperature reading is 100.0 or higher, the student will be escorted by a building staff member to a designated area where they will be evaluated by a member of the district nursing staff.


  • After a student enters the building and is cleared (having a temperature lower than 100.0) they will decide if they are eating breakfast.

    • If a student is not eating breakfast, he/she is expected to report to their first class of that day (1st or 5th hour depending on if it is a Maroon of Gold day). Upon entering that classroom, students will not be able to change their mind and go to the cafeteria to eat.

    • If a student is going to eat breakfast, he/she will be expected to get their food immediately and eat in the cafeteria. If overflow space is needed, students will report to the library to eat.

    • If a student is not eating, they will not be allowed to sit in the cafeteria. This space (and the overflow library space) will only be accessible for students who are eating breakfast.


  • Masks will be worn in the building by students and staff at all times.

    • If proper documentation from a physician is provided to building administration, a face shield may be allowed in lieu of a mask. This will be decided on a case by case basis.

  • Masks can be removed for the following reasons ONLY

    • Eating breakfast or lunch

    • Having a snack in the classroom, provide by the teacher (if social distancing is being practiced)

    • Participating in outside PE activities (if social distancing is being practiced)

    • While playing an instrument during band.

    • Classroom breaks outdoors (if social distancing is being practiced)

  • Disposable masks will be provided for students who do not have a mask from home that day and to visitors to the building who need a mask.

  • If a student refuses to wear a mask, or put on a mask that is provided when asked, the student will be referred to the office and building administration. Students will not be allowed to remain in the building without a proper mask or approved face covering.

  • Physical distance will be kept, as much as possible, in all situations, masked or not.

  • Visual reminders and markers will be placed in high traffic areas to promote distancing.

Dismissal and Lockers

  • Dismissals from the building at the end of the school day will be staggered.

    • Bur riders will exit through the doors by the FACS and shop classrooms once their bus is called over the building intercom system.

    • Car riders will report to the cafeteria for dismissal once an announcement is made over the intercom.

    • Walkers will be dismissed from class at 1:30 and need to immediately exit the building from the main front doors.

  • Students will be permitted to go to their lockers before school, at lunch, and after school.

    • At the beginning of the day, students must head directly to their first hour class once finished at their locker.

    • At the end of the day, students must head to lockers once dismissed from class, and then report directly to their dismissal zone.


  • Lunch will be 40 minutes long to allow for staggered dismissal from tables to the kitchen area. This will also allow students enough time to eat since it will take longer to get their food due to the food service recommendations covered in the district plan (If you have not read the district plan, please refer to it for specifics regarding breakfast and lunch procedures across the district).

  • Lunch locations will be the cafeteria, a gym space, and the library.

    • All students purchasing lunch will report to the cafeteria or gym space. If accessing the cafeteria, students will enter the cafeteria from the hallway outside Mr. Olichwier and Mrs. Hubrich’s classroom. If accessing the gym space, students must enter from the hallway outside Mrs. Douglas’ office.

    • Students who bring their lunch will report to the library.

    • Outdoor areas will be utilized on days when weather permits.

Water Fountains - Bottles

  • Water fountains will not be accessible this year except for during lunch.

    • Students are permitted to bring their own, pre-filled water bottle from home.

    • Water with no additives (i.e., powder mix, Gatorade, pop, etc.) is permitted.

    • Water will be for sale in the cafeteria before school during breakfast and at lunch.

    • Water fountains will be accessible during lunch in the cafeteria for students to refill water bottles if needed.


  • Restrooms will be accessible to all students throughout the day.

    • There will be increased signage inside restrooms to remind students about masks, social distancing, and hand washing.

    • There will be floor markers to space students out if they are waiting to use a sink or toilet.

    • Students will be encouraged to use restrooms only when they absolutely need to.

    • Restrooms will be monitored during passing periods to the best of the staff’s ability to make sure restrooms are not over crowded and social distancing is being observed.

Classrooms / Sanitation

  • In classrooms, students will be seated facing the space direction. Individual student desks will be used as much as possible. If tables are used, students will be distanced as far apart from each other and without facing each other.

  • All soft sided furniture and rugs have been removed from classrooms.

  • All rooms will be provided with sanitizer approved by the health department to wipe down desks and other surfaces as often as necessary throughout the school day.

  • All rooms will be provided with hand sanitizer for teacher and student use.

  • The building will be cleaned and disinfected more often and thoroughly, including throughout the school day.

  • There will be clearly communicated routes inside classrooms for student movement to highly visited areas (pencil sharpener, door, trash can, etc.)

  • If weather allows, teachers are encouraged to take students outside for class to allow students to remove their masks if social distancing is maintained.


  • Building administration will work with the library staff to finalize plans for use of the building library for check in out books. These plans will be shared when finalized.


  • Students will begin the year not dressing for PE. If this changes, we will communicate with families and PE clothes will then be purchased.

  • Teachers will go over expectations for shoes, locker room use, and other important items regarding PE class during the first week of school.


  • There will be limited visitor entry into the main building and entry into the office will be permitted as needed.

    • All visitors will be required to wear a mask.

    • In the vestibule, visitors will buzz the main office and communicate their reason for visiting

      • If they are dropping off an item for a student, they will be directed to leave the item(s) in a drop-off box in the vestibule, marked with the students name. Office staff will retrieve the item once the visitor has left and will deliver it to the student once it has been sanitized.

      • If it is determined the visitor needs to enter the main office, there will be a temperature check conducted and symptom screening questions asked. If the individual does not meet the screening requirements, entry into the main office will be restricted. Office staff will attempt to assist as best as possible in the vestibule, but this may result in the individual having to return at a later date/time when the screening requirements can be met.

      • Events may be held if all IDPH and social distancing guidelines can be met. At this time, we are not planning on having events like our quarterly honor roll assemblies, Veteran’s Day Assembly, etc, in their normal form. It is possible events like these will be held in a virtual format.