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Douglas and Lincoln School

Building Opening Plan 2020-21

August 6, 2020

Will be revised as needed.

Mission Statement

Douglas and Lincoln Schools are places where every child can learn; be fully engaged in a developmentally appropriate curriculum; and feel safe, nurtured and welcome.

This plan builds upon the Clinton CUSD 15 School Opening Plan School Year 2020-21

That document is the foundation for the specific procedures outlined in this plan. 


The specific procedures explained in the following pages were established from ISBE and IDPH guidance, the Clinton CUSD 15 School Opening Plan and the input of the Douglas/L:incoln School Planning Team consisting of the principal and 10 teachers.

As noted in other guidance documents, as orders from the Governor and guidelines form ISBE and IDPH are adjusted it will require us to adjust this plan for compliance with those changes.

This plan will provide you with information specific to Douglas and Lincoln Schools.

ISBE Directives:

All staff and students will wear face coverings when indoors

Social distancing in all areas as much as possible

Limit of 50 people per space including buses

Students and staff must be symptom free before entering building or buses

Increased cleaning and disinfection

Kindergarten and first grade students will receive a minimum of 5 clock hours of instruction through in person, blended or remote.

ISBE Recommendations:

In person learning following all safety directives

In person learning daily for all students 13 and under

Plans in place for blended or remote learning in the event they are needed

Doors will open to students at 7:50

Instruction will begin at 8:30 daily and students will be dismissed at 1:30

Morning Preschool will be in session from 8:30-10:30 daily

Afternoon Preschool will be in session from 11:30-1:30 daily

Important Changes:

  • All persons entering the building will have a temperature check.
  • All persons entering the building will wear a face mask that covers the nose and mouth.
  • ONLY staff and students will be allowed in the buildings. No visitors or volunteers will be admitted.

  • If a child is being picked up from school early, we will bring the child out to meet you.
  • If a child leaves the building for an appointment they will NOt return to school that day.
  • If a child arrives late we will meet you to escort them into the building.
  • A drop box will be provided for parents to drop off paperwork or other items necessary.
  • Digital copies of documents will be used as much as possible.

  • Students will be with their specific class of students throughout the day.
  • Recess will be by classroom and determined by each teacher’s schedule.
  • Playground equipment will not be utilized at this time.
  • Art, Music and Library instruction will occur by the special teacher in the general classroom.
  • PE will be 2 days a week and will incorporate social distancing procedures.

  • No large group in-person gatherings will be held including Open House, Orientation or Book Fairs.
  • No outside treats will be brought in, if there is a need for a special treat the teacher will take care of providing one.
  • Kindergarten and First Grade will not have milk break this year.
  • Preschool snacks will be packaged and sent home instead of eating them at school.
  • Both schools will provide bottled water for staff and students and water fountains will be covered or turned off.

  • Lunch will be eaten in designated rooms and will be a single classroom of students at a time.
  • Lunch times will rotate beginning at 11:00 and finishing at 12:10. All items will be plated and served to the students. Lunch tickets will not be utilized and a checklist will be maintained indicating which students had a meal that day. Sack lunches from home are acceptable.

  • Soft furnishings(rugs and chairs, etc) have been removed from classrooms and due to increased cleaning and disinfecting no pets will be in the classrooms this year.

  • Hand washing opportunities will be provided for students,
  • Hand sanitizer will be used only with adults administering the sanitizer and monitoring proper use by the child.

  • Families dropping off students and picking up students must wait in their cars. Staff members will gather students from the vehicles in the morning and bring them into the building. At dismissal, staff will escort students to the vehicle.

Student Procedures

Upon arrival at school, students will proceed directly to their classroom for a temperature check. Once the temperature is verified as normal, the students will enter the classroom and be instructed by their teacher when they may place their personal items in their locker. Students will be using the lockers on a staggered schedule and in small groups to maintain distance between the students at the lockers.

Students who eat breakfast will do this in a designated area with staff supervision. Breakfast items will be packaged and students will not be making cereal or other choices. The area used for eating will be cleaned and disinfected and the students will either wash hands in the bathroom or use hand sanitizer before and after their meal. A staff member will monitor the students during breakfast.

Each classroom will have a scheduled time for using the bathroom and washing hands throughout the day, This schedule will minimize hallway and restroom congestion. Since we deal with young children, if a student needs to use the restroom in an emergency situation, they will be allowed to access the restroom outside of the specific classroom time. (Please have your student use the restroom and wash their hands before they come to school in the morning.)

If a student becomes ill at school or indicates a temperature of 100 degrees or higher when scanned at arrival, The CUSD 15 Health Protocols will be implemented. These protocols are on the district website and contained in the Clinton CUSD 15 Opening Plan. A sick bay area will be set up in each office to be used in the event a child becomes ill during the day. It is imperative that sick students are picked up from school promptly.

Students will stay with their classroom pod of students throughout the day. Special classes such as art, music and library will be offered once a week and will be taught by the special teacher in the student’s general classroom. Students will use their own individual supplies and if materials must be shared hand cleaning and materials cleaning will take place immediately after use of the items.

PE will be scheduled 2 days a week and will be outside or in the gym depending on the weather. Activities and skills will meet social distancing guidelines as much as possible. Playground equipment will not be used and sharing of balls, ropes or other equipment will be minimized.

Students will wear masks throughout the day as a means of keeping safe when in the hallway, restrooms and lockers. Hallway traffic and student movement around the building will be minimized as much as possible.

Students will only be allowed in the office area if they are sick. School staff will dispense medications at the classroom door, and bring ice packs or other first aid items as needed to the classroom upon the request of the teacher or teaching assistant.

Teachers and teaching assistants will develop specific routines in the classroom for mask breaks, social distancing, restroom use, handwashing, locker use and other needed procedures.

The first few weeks of school will be focused on getting back into routines, developing social skills and learning about each other. This will help build a sense of safety and connection for each student. Academic skills will be assessed through the use of skills checklists and Aimsweb for math and literacy. Social skills will be supported through the use of Rusty May School Tools TV and other strategies as needed for emotional and behavioral support. We have on staff specialist teachers specifically designated to support students academic and social emotional needs as they are identified.

Arrival and Dismissal

Families dropping off students and picking up students must wait in their cars. Staff members will gather students from the vehicles in the morning and bring them into the building. At dismissal, staff will escort students to the vehicle.

Students will go directly to their assigned classroom in the morning upon arriving at school.

Bus students will be assigned a location to wait for the bus keeping the students socially distanced and in small groups.

Students who are picked up from school will wait with their classroom and teacher, and will be escorted by staff to the vehicles. This process will take longer than the normal pick up routine, so please be patient during this process.

Remote Learning

Kindergarten and First Grade students will use IPADS in the classroom and will be instructed how to use the SEE SAW app. This app will be used in the event the schools are required to close and remote learning must be implemented.. In the event of a school closure each student will be provided an IPAD and charger to use at home during remote learning. The classroom teacher will be the communication connection for parents as to minimize and reduce the amount of information being disseminated.

Kindergarten and First Grade students who are learning at home for the semester will be provided an IPAD and charger to use to access the third party online curriculum. Children who are learning from home will be assigned a grade level teacher and daily attendance will be taken. More information in regards to this option will be sent out as it is available.

Preschool students who choose the at home learning option will be provided with a kit of activities including all the materials necessary to complete the activities as well as an instruction manual.

Students who choose remote learning and have IEP services will receive additional support from the special education teacher and support staff. This will be determined individually with the family and support service team.

Before and After School (YZone)

The Y will continue the before and after school care for kindergarten and first grade students. The location of Y Zone will be at Lincoln School. The Y team has developed specific procedures for the program. Sign up for the Y Zone is done through the Y 935-8307.

Preschool Specific

Preschool students will attend school for 2 hours a day. In order to accommodate the shortened schedule gross motor activities will be completed at home. Teachers will provide families with activities to do to complete the gross motor requirement for the class. Families will be asked to keep the teacher updated on how the activities are going so growth can be monitored and reported for the preschool portfolios.

Preschool students will be expected to wear a mask during the time they are in school.

This plan is a developing document and as items need to be adjusted, we will alert you to those changes.

Beth WIckenhauser, Principal

Douglas and Lincoln Schools

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