Mr. Curt Nettles - Superintendent

It’s Great to be Back!

The Clinton Community School District provides a positive, supportive, and safe environment which empowers students to achieve academic, technical and social/emotional growth to their fullest potential, thereby improving students’ lives and strengthening the community.

The Clinton Community School District will be a dynamic community partner dedicated to adding value through learning and student success.

Did you see that flash that passed by you? That was summer. This has to have been one of the quickest on record for me.

I am excited and ready to see all of the students and teachers back in a couple of weeks (as I write this on Aug. 6). It’s very lonely around our 5 campuses when everyone is gone for the summer. However, as we get into August, I can see signs of life appearing with athletes showing up for workouts, band camp and teachers already in their rooms.

The 12 month staff has worked hard to get everything ready for the start of the school year. The buildings are clean, the grounds mowed and trimmed, food supplies and classroom supplies being moved in are a sure sign of what is to come.

Now that students, families and teachers have had some down time or free time, we look to put the mission of Clinton CUSD 15 into full swing.

We hope all of you will support your students and their teachers as they work together every day to fulfill the mission. Watch the calendar, website and social media for all the activities and events that will take place at your student’s school this year.

Let your child’s teacher or principal know if there is anything they can do to help you. You are also free to contact me at the Unit Office at any time.

Let’s all have a great 2019-20 school year! #MaroonPride

Curt Nettles

Clinton CUSD 15 Superintendent