Mr. Curt Nettles - Superintendent

It’s Great to be Back!

When the month of May rolls around, we all feel the end of the school year coming. We look forward to warm weather and the summer break from hard work. Speaking from my point of view, however, the district is a lonely place when the students and staff are gone for the summer.

Once school ends in May, the 12 month employees, which includes the Unit Office staff and maintenance crew, go to work to get ready for opening day in August. Aside from those fine people, it is empty around our 5 campuses.

Walking the hallways of our buildings in July is a depressing exercise for me. I am glad the students, the families and our hard working teachers are getting some down time. However, it is exciting and a relief to see them all come back. An empty school building is way too quiet. Teachers begin to come in to work in their rooms in early August, and some students begin to arrive a few days prior to school starting to put things in their lockers.

As I write this, we are on day #6 (that is a number sign, not a hashtag). The start of the year has been filled with great activities inside and outside of the classroom. Teachers and students are getting to know one another or get reacquainted, relationships are being built and the mission of Clinton CUSD 15 is in full swing.

Watch out for kids crossing streets and our ever faithful crossing guards before and after school every day. Remember, a STOP sign is not a suggestion.

Watch your student’s school calendar and sports calendar for all the activities that will take place throughout the year. Support your students and the hard working staff that fulfill the mission every day. The year of 2018-19 is underway. I expect we will all have a great one!

Curt Nettles
Clinton CUSD 15 Superintendent