Submitting Senior Pictures

Deadline for Submitting Senior Pictures is March 1.

Seniors - If you are submitting a senior image for the 2019 yearbook, please send those to Mrs. Fabris (see info below). If you do not submit a different senior picture, the ID picture from Woods will appear as your senior pic in the 2019 yearbook.

Yearbook images should be portrait (not landscape) style or (if landscape) something that can be digitally cropped to portrait style, color, head & shoulder shot (or can be digitally cropped to head/shoulder shot).

A digital file (jpg) can be e-mailed to rfabris@cusd15.org and it should be around 1 MB in size. We can also scan a photo while you/your student wait and return it immediately.

Please avoid choosing one with hats, sunglasses, pets, etc. for the yearbook.

Deadline for submitting senior pictures is March 1.