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To: Clinton CUSD 15 Families 

From: Curt Nettles, Supt. Date: 8/11/21

 Re: Opening Plan for School Year 2021-22

Our state and our community have been embroiled in a controversy over whether students and staff need to be masked up for the school year. Early in the summer I personally lobbied the state agencies, along with many of my colleagues, to let us have local control over how to plan our school year. Initially, we were given local control to make those decisions. On August 4 the governor abruptly ended that option for all Illinois school districts by mandating a mask policy.

The CUSD 15 Board of Education highly disagrees with the Governor’s Executive Order, which takes away local control. We are hopeful that local control will be returned as soon as possible. In the meantime, many Illinois districts are banding together to challenge the Governor’s mandate that takes away our ability to make decisions locally taking into consideration our local metrics rather than what is happening in other parts of the state. The Clinton CUSD 15 Board of Education and I will seek out all opportunities to be involved in the process with using resolutions, letters, phone calls and personal testimony if made available.

It is the intention of the CUSD 15 Board of Education to continue its pursuit of local control. Partnering with other school districts and legislators to let our voices be heard on the matter will be a priority. The CUSD 15 Board of Education highly disagrees with the Governor’s Executive Order, which takes away local control. CUSD 15 will follow the mandate while it continues to work to regain local control. It is the Board’s intent to return to optional masking and fewer restrictions as soon as it is legally possible and safe to do so.

It appears as though no decision can be made that will please all families. In fact, both sides of the argument have made their feelings well known. If you read the Introduction to the plan, you will see that we used resources to guide our decisions. We ask for our families to respect the decisions that are made while we all hope to get back closer to normal as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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